Hi, welcome to Daring Feets!

Why “daring,” and why “feets?” Here’s why:

1. I’m a mother of two girls, and together we absolutely live for the outdoors. Whether it’s camping, kayaking, hiking, long-distance biking, whatever… we do it.

2. Whenever I’m getting ready for a trip or we’ve just gotten back from a trip, the same thing happens. I’m talking to another mom (or sometimes, even a dad) and the question is always the same: “Aren’t you AFRAID to be ‘out there’ by yourself like that?!”

3. It’s probably important to note that I’m happily married, but my husband just doesn’t enjoy the outdoors. We got him to come with us on one camping trip that was literally fifteen miles from our house. He lasted six hours. To be fair, it was cold, windy, and a flock of wild turkeys barged through our campsite in the middle of the night, scaring him to death with all their gobbling.

4. It astounds me that so many parents are AFRAID of doing these things with their kids. So that’s the “daring” part.

5. Feets? Well, it’s just funny. And that’s the one universal thing I’ve found in every outdoors activity we try. The feet just get gross! They end up filthy somehow, no matter what the activity was!

So follow us on our “daring feets” and be sure to go have your own adventures. Tell us about your adventures, too!

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