I Swear, Officer, I Wasn’t Going To Hurt The Duck

There’s a fun blog post (found HERE, but please only click if you’re over 18) about how I accidentally stole a couple of signs that belong to an environmental advocacy group. Even worse, those signs were advertising a fundraiser they were staging whose moneys would go towards cleaning up a local creek. Like I said, I promise it’s a fun blog post (and no signs or ducks were harmed in the fiasco).

But when I called the charity and tearfully explained that I’d accidentally stolen their signs, they were as nice as could be about it. So nice, in fact, that I still didn’t feel any better about myself after the phone call. I think they planned it that way on purpose because I immediately headed over to their website and made a donation for their fundraiser.

Which brings me to this point: there are obviously only so many great causes you can support, and ordinarily, I can’t recommend just going over to a random charity’s website and giving them money, even if it’s protected by PayPal. There are some great organizations doing awesome things in every aspect of life, but I urge you to find at least one group that works on conservation and lend them your support. Remember, it doesn’t even have to be monetary support; can you give up some time and volunteer? Even something as simple as making phone calls for their fundraisers (now that some hapless citizen has stolen their signs)?

Whatever you can do, don’t ever let yourself feel like it wasn’t enough. It was enough. It did make a difference. And if everyone takes on one small, not-making-a-difference task, the job will get done and our planet will be protected. Now go adopt a duck! (If you’d read that blog post, you’d know why that was funny.)

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